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1. Mindmap of the project

The initial process and mapped as work starter is based onto the Mind Map elaboration. Usually, as starting step, the map is reflecting the current (or the wanted) website structure.

What is the benefit of building the Mind Map?

According to our experience, the initial mapping of the concept and all the ideas are crucial for the build and the upcoming and wanted final result. It is the first step of our collaboration and is perceived as the skeleton or the framework that we will use altogether.

What is the process?

Generally, after finishing the contract sign process, our team will develop a Mind Map that will be sent and will wait for client’s approval in order to continue with Stage 2. The corrections on the Mind Map are not limited by any numbers, however once approved - the map should not be changed and any further corrections may request an additional quote for the client.


The Wireframe is to be recognized as the first visual concept and idea by our team. It will contain a bunch of placeholder boxes, texts, images, etc. and will present how the pages will look as element types and will demonstrate relations between them.

Why do we need the Wireframe?

The Wireframe is important part of our collaborative work on this project. It is leading in the project state to building the wanted User Experience and representing some primitives of the User Interface. Really, the Wireframe is telling us how the webpages will look and what elements will be available in there, thus should not be considered to show final graphic design.

What is the process?

To continue to Stage 3 of the current project, the client must approve all the wireframe pages and additional materials (if available and applicable). For every single one, the client may request up to 3 rounds of changes. When done and the framing is considered as finished, we are ready to start Phase 3 with the Moodboard build and starting the step for the Colouring process.


A moodboard is a visual tool that consists of a collection of images, text, colors, typography, patterns, textures, and other visual elements to convey a particular style, concept, or atmosphere for a project. It serves as a source of inspiration and a point of reference to communicate and align the visual and emotional aspects of a project among designers, clients, and other stakeholders.

Why do we need the moodboard?

A moodboard helps in creating a visual representation of the desired outcome. It includes images, color palettes, typography, patterns, and other elements that represent the aesthetic and functional aspects of the upcoming website. It’s an effective way to communicate your ideas and vision to stakeholders, team members, or clients who may not have the technical knowledge to understand written or spoken descriptions alone.

What is the process?

We look for inspiration from various sources – other websites, designs, nature, art, etc.We also gather images, colors, fonts, textures, and other design elements that align with the project's goals and audience's preferences.We use the moodboard as a reference and inspiration throughout the design process.


The Colouring is a lot of fun, really. It is just the stage where we will stretch the ideas of the Wireframe and the Moodboard together. It will contain all those approved Wireframe elements with the styles from the Moodboard.

Why do we need the Colouring process?

You may think of the Colouring as the replication of all the boxes, texts and personalized styling that you already saw on the Moodboard (the previous stage). It is usually assumed as the bringing our concept and ideas to live. After finishing off, you will see the designed webpages containing some placeholder text, but presenting the width and the height it may take.

What is the process?

The Colouring is considered as the final part of the graphic design on the webpage and then is followed by the next stage that is the utilization of the developers work to the front-end and implementing or finishing it off.


With the approval of the Colouring we are ready to bring your project to a clickable and live version of what we have already achieved.

What the tech stack is?

Usually, the tech stack is proposed by our team and is being organized and picked for every single project. If there are any client-facing restrictions or limitations available, all of them will be talked and issued beforewards. The requirements will be asked during the brief part or our talks.

What is the process?

We would either give a full-featured front-end containing all needed vendor files, libraries and assets or continue with the build of the back-end part of your project.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is a systematic process that ensures the quality and reliability of products or services by preventing defects and problems. It involves planned and systematic activities implemented in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled.

Why do we need the Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance (QA) ensures that customers receive high-quality products, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. It enhances the user experience by preventing defects and errors that can make products difficult or frustrating to use. By identifying and addressing issues early in the development process, QA helps in reducing the cost of fixing defects at later stages.

What is the process?

We gather and understand the client’s requirements and expectations from the website. Documenting detailed specifications including features, functionalities, and performance expectations. There is a back-and-forth dynamic between our team members. We test the projects on different devices and resolutions to make sure that we are offering seamless digital performance.

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