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Vortex Board Game

Vortex Board Game

A captivating board game that challenges your strategic thinking and resource management skills. Set in a distant future, where space exploration is at its peak, you must navigate a series of cosmic challenges to establish dominance and claim uncharted territories.


Game Mechanics: Designing the gameplay mechanics can be a complex task. Balancing the rules, ensuring fairness, and creating strategic depth can be challenging. It may require multiple iterations and playtesting to refine and optimize the mechanics.


Our mission is to navigate the challenges of conceptualization, game mechanics, prototyping, playtesting, and artwork/design to deliver an exceptional board game experience. We are committed to: Attention to Detail: We will pay meticulous attention to the quality of components, materials, and artwork.


Artwork and Graphic Design: Collaborate with artists and graphic designers to create visually appealing illustrations, graphic elements, and game components that align with the game's theme. Game Design and Prototyping: Begin designing the game components, rules, and artwork. Create a physical or digital prototype of the game to test the mechanics and gather initial feedback.

Company objectives

Create High-Quality Components and Artwork: Design and produce visually appealing and durable components for the game, including game boards, cards, tokens, and any other necessary materials. Collaborate with talented artists to create stunning artwork that enhances the game's theme and immersion.

Color Palette

Royal Vessel
Tanned Skin
Gold Red
Times Square Screens
Alice Blue
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