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Translation agency Intellect is a Bulgarian reputable translation bureau with a team of highly skilled and qualified translators who are experts in their respective fields. Intellect adhere to industry standards and follow a rigorous review and proofreading process to ensure accuracy, consistency, and linguistic excellence in their translations. As a trustworthy translation agency they place a strong emphasis on confidentiality and data security. Intellect Agency is well known for their ability to handle large volumes of work, manage deadlines, and accommodate urgent requests.

Agency Intellect

The area is highly not digitalised and we strive to make this one a very simple and easy way to ask for a price of a translation online. We want to limit phone calls and have them make an online statement.


The only company in Bulgaria that wants to make this kind of business an online business. With an easy process to making a request.


We want to limit phone calls and have them make an online request and order an translation. The goal is to make it more mobile friendly as the clients are 70% accessing the website from a mobile. They will get an email reminder if they forget to finish their payment and purchase. An email where your steps and your process is saved and you can access it easily.


For the website to feel and look more professional, yet approachable. These kind of documents and services are very important and somewhat pricy so we need to make people trust us with their personal information more professional.

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Light Orange
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Pale Blue Lily
Old Lace
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