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Persina by Bike

Persina by Bike

It is a bike trail alongside the park Persina that lead to different beautiful locations. Persina By Bike is the first regional tourist destination created by the Dunav Ultra team. The project aims to boost the efforts of local regional authorities in developing sustainable tourism, including a focus on taking care of nature and the environment. Project of great importance for local tourism and people, who admire sports and nature. Our task was to make a logo and a landing page for this project.

Dunav Ultra

Our mission was to make this landing page like an adventure. We wanted to make you feel like you want to grab your bike and run towards the location. We made a digital map of the route so the participants know what to expect and how to prepare


The location is wild and so through picking the right font and the right images, we wanted to transport you to this magical place. Persina is a beautiful place and the marathon is a great idea not only for enthusiasts but also for people who just want to enjoy the ride.

Color Palette

Macaroni And Cheese
Murky Green
Black Olive
Gordons Green
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