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Burzi Podaruci

Burzi Podaruci

A company designed to sell all kinds of personalized gifts targeted for a specific holiday, birthday gifts with the thought of making somebody feel special. We had the challenge to create an online shop with a customized customer’s path and unique selling points. As the online shop is not a typical website we had to think upon certain decisions when designing and implementing in the WP platform. There is a 60% increase in the success rate after redesigning the brand and significant decrease in the abandoned carts of the online shop.

Burzi Podaraci

Competition: The personalized gift market is highly competitive, with numerous online retailers and platforms offering similar products. Overcoming competition requires strategic differentiation, offering unique customization options, superior product quality, and exceptional customer service.


"Our mission is to revolutionize the online experience by creating a redesigned website that seamlessly connects individuals with their perfect personalized gifts. Through an innovative and user-centric approach, we aim to enhance the overall shopping journey, making it easy, engaging, and enjoyable for our customers.


Our redesigned website will offer a visually stunning and intuitive interface, showcasing a vast selection of customized gift options tailored to various occasions. We strive to provide a personalized and memorable experience, empowering customers to effortlessly find, personalize, and purchase gifts that will make their loved ones feel truly special.

Color Palette

Dark Lavender
Coral Pink
Peach Schnapps
Light Goldenrod Yellow
Navajo White
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